Here’s How Much Highest-Paid Bollywood Directors Charge Per Movie

Expensive productions, exotic locations, larger than life movies, heavily loaded star cast are just some of the things that really attract the audience to watch the movies that have set the records for gross profits each year. AA lot of its credit goes to the captain of the ship, the director. As per insiders, these are the few directors who not only made it to the list of directing bumper hit movies but they have also earned the profits they deserve.

Here is a list of the 5 highest paid directors of Bollywood.

 1. SS Rajamouli

The broadcasting rights of the magnanimous production, Baahubali, was sold for a bolting Rs 434 crores, as per the sources received from a DNA report. A hefty budget of Rs 450 crore, keeping in mind the requirement of the CGI needed, it’s one of the most grossing and profitable Indian movies that has been made in recent times. It secured a box office collection of around Rs 510 crores in Bollywood and Rs 1,810 crore overseas. As per reports, SS Rajamouli made a titanic profit share of Rs 100 crores. This is the most a director as ever made in India.

2. Rohit Shetty

With all the out of the world action-packed frames, it is no wonder that Rohit Shetty has earned super sums from his back to back hit releases. As per records, he was offered Rs 25 crore by film producer Sangeeta Ahir to direct the official remake of the Tamil film Soodhu Kavvum. The progress of the shoot is still yet to be confirmed.

3. Rajkumar Hirani

An article in Business World named director Rajkumar Hirani as the filmmaker of quality and not quantity. With that said, his hits and misses have seen an equal ration. His diligent ideas to keep the films under a low budget also gives a peek into his managerial capability. Munnabhai M.B.B.S., for example, had a total budget of Rs 10 crores and the turnover counted up to Rs 24 crores. As per DNA, he in fact charges more than Rohit Shetty!

4. Karan Johar


On the #50 spot on Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2019, Karan Johar made a total earning of Rs 12 crores in 2019. Besides the direction fee that he charges from his own house, Dharma Productions, he also mints like crazy as a producer, his talk show Koffee with Karan, and his fashion lines.

5. Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for his extravagant movie sets, ethereal sense of fashion for the stars, and a fairytale approach towards the movie. But his money-making ideas are a bit different. Instead of charging a director’s fees, he settled on to take a part of the box office earnings. He made a huge sum of 184 crores from his latest flick.

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