Cocktail came out 8 years ago today & here’s why we still love it!

The movie that showed the roller coaster life of three friends as they go through the ups & downs of life – love, family, intimacy, marriage and ofc friendship. The movie that made us laugh at every silly joke, cry at all the heartbreaking scenes, dance to all its brilliant songs, crave for a life like the three friends and ofc made us love our friends more!

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It’s been 8 years since the amazing movie ‘Cocktail came out and man, this movie is still one of my faves! Here’s an appreciation post for it.

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We had Meera, who comes to London following her husband and gets stranded by him. Meera who is heartbroken and finds solace in Veronica.

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Veronica who welcomes her into her house. They both become soul-sisters and give us all major bff goals-I mean who doesn’t wanna live with their friends and have movie marathons, random fashion shows and do grocery runs etc. Meera was the perfect example of an introvert and Veronica a party animal- the fact that the movie showed how two opposite personality types can click & becomes bffs make it all the more beautiful.

~cue chadi mujhe yaari teri aisi~

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And ofcourse, there is Saif as Gautam Kapoor – at his charming best, with his goofy smile and cute eyes. He who flirts with everyone. He who says “aap believe karti hai love at first sight mein ya main dobaara ghoom ke aau?”  Gautam who has a casual fling with Veronica and is welcomed in her & Meera’s house. And then falls in love with Meera? Who hates him?? But then starts liking him??? Welcome to a love triangle???????????

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In this era of shitty remakes, Cocktail had Honey Singh Angrezi Beat for the introduction scene of Veronica, and not gonna lie, perfectly done. Iconic. Honey Singh fired up the movie with another cracker of a song in the form of Main Sharabi’ – which tbh all us non sharabi also dance to like crazy!

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Actually, this movie has one of the raddest soundtracks. Literally every song in this film is SO GOOD?!?! Be it the soulful “Yaariyaan” which hurts you on a whole different level, makes us miss our friends 100x times more or the heartbreakingly beautiful Jugni” that we all love jamming & singing along to (even if lyrics thode upar-neechein ho jaaye)

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Also, the vibe that “Tera naam jhapdi phiran” fills you with as its techno-punk music kicks in with those punjabi lyrics ooooffff Crying over “Luttna” and learning “Second Hand Jawaani”‘s choreography perfectly is also a given.

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And special love for “Tum Hi Ho Bandhu” it literally gives you instant rush of dopamine. So beautiful, Saif wasn’t the only one who fell in love with her during this song. 

Man, even i wanna go on a beach and party with my squad with zero care of the wo sing “main hu hi nahi iss duniya ki” with that hook step.

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The Imtiaz Ali touch in the movie with the dialogues and the metaphors used in them is so heartwarming. Also, uff!! when Gautam says to Meera that, “Social service hai tumhari smile… dekho dekho tension kam ho rahe hai duniya mein” – I swear, if someone had said that to me, maine literally melt ho jana tha. And the pain of separation between the three of them is so searing that we all feel heartbroken.

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And I’m still lowkey kinda sorta mad because Veronica deserved a better ending. Hurt on a different level when she broke down with her “Veronica bhi ek normal ladki hai” talk. She’s so pure and such a softie from inside, she deserved a better life, better friends and better everything. But its ok, jee lenge hum, is ghum ko bhi pee lenge hum.

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Aaaaand the ending. Veronica & Gautam came all the way from London to Delhi for Meera so that Gautam could propose to her & all could be well. And Veronica being the best, helped Gautam in cajoling Meera to finally get the happy ending for them. And for herself.. in a way, i guess 🙂

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brb gonna watch it tonight

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